Tartiflette Re-Imagined

In the northern Alps of France, east of Lyon, there is a region called the Savoy.  The city of Albertville, where the 1992 winter Olympics were hosted, can be found in the Savoie region.  It has a particular cuisine specific to the cold mountain conditions.  Very hearty and very cheesy is the jist of it. … Continue reading

Tomato Tatin

  This summer I picked up a Vin et Cuisine (Food & Wine) magazine that was a bonus issue for subscribers.  It has 132 summer recipes organized by main ingredient, i.e. tomatoes, eggplant, figs, etc.  I have been systematically cooking recipes from it since August.  For the past several weeks the farmers have been getting … Continue reading

Fig Jam!

We happen to have 4 fig trees in various locations around the property. Out of those 4 trees, there are 3 different types of figs, which represent the 3 varieties of figs grown here in Provence.  Every year, I pick the figs in several different batches and make jam. It’s possibly the easiest jam you … Continue reading

Chocolate Butter Spread

If you like butter, chocolate, sugar or nutella in general or on bread, then you will love this spread.  I was watching Cuisine TV the other day and Guy Martin was making 2 lovely butters.  He used ‘beurre de barratte’, which means ‘churned’, to make this chocolate spread and one with lemon.  I immediately made … Continue reading

Eggs á la Mexicaine via France

This is one of two egg recipes that we did at the 1 hour atelier organized by Stéphanie Ginoux of Cuisine Évènements and taught by Chef Saucier Philippe Houy from Restaurant Christian Etienne a 1* Michelin restaurant in Avignon.  Eggs can be presented in so many interesting ways, so I of course needed a new gadget after this lesson.  The ‘toque oeuf’ … Continue reading

Mousse au Chocolat – Chocolate Mousse

I love to watch cooking shows on TV!  In France, there is only one channel and it’s called Cuisine TV.  They  have quite a variety of shows including English chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigela Lawson, as well as American chef Giada de Laurentis.  Yesterday I saw a super easy recipe for chocolate mousse.  He … Continue reading

White Chili à la Provençale {vegetarian}

A year or so ago I went to a chili cook off here in Aix.  I of course made a pot with my dad’s recipe.  A classic ground beef & pork combination with some lovely chili powders he orders from Pendery’s in Texas.  When he makes it it’s great.  When I made it…it was less … Continue reading

Mussels in White Wine and Garlic Cream Sauce

This week at my producers market my seafood guy had some mussels that looked nice. So I took home a sac (1kg) and cooked them in the traditional french method.  It’s actually quick and easy.  If you have never tried them at home before, then give this a shot sometime.   I didn’t have any … Continue reading