Chocolate Butter Spread

If you like butter, chocolate, sugar or nutella in general or on bread, then you will love this spread.  I was watching Cuisine TV the other day and Guy Martin was making 2 lovely butters.  He used ‘beurre de barratte’, which means ‘churned’, to make this chocolate spread and one with lemon.  I immediately made the chocolate butter for my husband.  He loves everything in the spread, so it seemed to me that he would really love the combination.  And as it turned out, I also loved the spread.  It’s super easy to make and takes no time at all, except for you have to remember to leave the butter out for a few hours before you make it.

Beurre de Baratte a Tartiner/ Churned Butter Spread

– From Guy Martin

100g Unsalted Butter (churned if you can find it)

50g Dark High Quality Chocolate

1 Tbs Powdered Sugar

  1. Leave the 100g butter out for several hours so that it becomes very soft.  The time may vary depending on the temperature of your house, mine took 3 hours on a chilly day, plus my fridge is really too cold.
  2. Chop the chocolate into fine slivers.  This usually happens naturally on very hard dark chocolate when you use a sharp knife to shave off the edges.
  3. In a small bowl or ramequin, stir together your 3 ingredients until well mixed.  Cover and replace in the fridge once you are finished sampling your work.

Bon Apetit!

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