Eggs á la Mexicaine via France

This is one of two egg recipes that we did at the 1 hour atelier organized by Stéphanie Ginoux of Cuisine Évènements and taught by Chef Saucier Philippe Houy from Restaurant Christian Etienne a 1* Michelin restaurant in Avignon.  Eggs can be presented in so many interesting ways, so I of course needed a new gadget after this lesson.  The ‘toque oeuf’ is used to cut off just the top of the egg.  It’s like magic, as it worked perfectly every time. The egg whites get blended with cheese, cream and spices, then poured back into their shells with the yolks which have been warmed in a steam bath for 15 minutes.  The toasted breadstick works sort of as an edible stirring stick/spoon.

Eggs á la Mexicaine

5 Servings

5 eggs

40gr Olive Oil

100gr Creme

3gr Taco Seasoning or Chili Powders of your choice

3 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Slice of Bread

Salt, Pepper and Paprika or Pimenton

5 2″ Metal Rings(as pictured) OR Egg holders (you might have to get creative here, but the idea is that the eggs are not in the water, they are just barely getting some steam to temper the yolks)

  1. Using the ‘toque oeuf’ to take off the top of the egg, carefully removed the top and empty the whites into your blender or glass for immersion blender
  2. Over a bain marie with very shallow water place the rings or egg holders in the water, then the egg shells with yolks on the rings.  Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add a half to each egg shell.  These will steam for about 15 mins while you prepare the cream
  3. In a saucepan, add the olive oil, creme and spices and heat until warm but not boiling
  4. In your blender, whip the eggs until they are nice an frothy, but well before they turn really white and into peaks
  5. With the blender running, pour in the cream mixture and add the cheese little by little.  Season to taste then pass the mixture through a sieve
  6. Cut off the bread crusts, toast the bread and then cut into 5 strips
  7. To finish, sprinkle a pinch of seasonings into the egg cups, then pour in the cream and garnish with the bread stick.  Serve immediately.

These can be great as a starter or eaten during cocktails.  The original recipe was for 10 eggs, but I cut it in half for 5, so doubling is not a problem.

Keep it creative in the kitchen!

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