Everybody needs Sprouts!


I started sprouting seeds last fall.  Sprouts are considered a superfood and honestly they are also super delicious.  My husband and I eat them on crackers, french bread, sandwiches and salads.  They really are a better way to snack.

I recently subscribed to Food & Wine magazine for my iPad.  They published an article on sprouting in the March 2012 issue.  I have inserted an excerpt here, but for the full article you should click here: Sprouting a Germination Nation

Sprouting a Germination Nation

By Kristin Donnelly

Sprouted rice, sprouted lentils, sprouted flour, sprouted tortilla chips: Sprouted foods are everywhere. Here’s why you should try them.

Friends dabbling with the raw-food diet have told me about the health benefits of eating sprouted nuts, beans and grains, saying that the process of soaking these seeds (they’re all technically seeds) “awakens their life force” as they begin to germinate. The concept always seemed a little New Agey to me, but after noticing sprouted foods for sale at places like Whole Foods—everything from sprouted brown rice to sprouted tortilla chips—I decided to learn more.

For lunch I often make little toasts with avocado, chard pesto and sprouts, then top them with lin seeds and sunflower seeds and drizzle with the olive oil we make here on the property.

The seeds only take about 5 days to germinate, so with the 3 level germinator I usually don’t have to wait very long in between growths.

They are also good on egg salad sandwiches, like pictured below.

Happy growing!

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