First Recolt!

The garden is growing so I fast I think it’s on steroids.  Today I picked a head of lettuce, some arugula(roquette) and some radishes.  This year is certainly a learning period for me.  It’s the first time I have planted so many vegetables, most of which I know nothing about growing and harvesting.  For example, I have learned that each radish seed/plant, produces 1 radish.  That’s right, one plant, one radish.  So to have a bunch of radishes, like I buy at the market, then I would need to plant a very large amount of seeds.  I planted maybe 12 seeds.  We ate 5 of them today and there are just a few more left in the dirt.  We will save them for a special occasion perhaps:)

The roquette has been growing steadily and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to harvest them.  I was finally able to ask my organic farmer lady at the market how to pick the roquette and she instructed me to cut it all the way down and it will grow back a few more times.  So we ate a lot of roquette today because I need to get rid of the big leafed plants.  They get to bitter to eat if the leaves get too large.

Finally, the lettuce(salade).  I wasn’t sure when to pick this either, but my neighbor looked at them and explained that they need a hard center.  They are getting so big that I decided today I need to try one.  It seemed to have a hard center…I think.

I am absolutely loving the garden.  I am so happy we are getting a chance to eat some of the things I planted.  So exciting!

Happy Gardening!

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