Fava Bean Risotto

What’s so great about Risotto?  You can put ANYTHING in it…well almost anything.  All of the spring vegetables are inspiring me to make things green, like fava beans and sweet peas and snow peas.  I use a Giada DeLaurentiis recipe for basic risotto.  These fava beans can be sub’d for the sweet peas you might … Continue reading

Chocolate Butter Spread

If you like butter, chocolate, sugar or nutella in general or on bread, then you will love this spread.  I was watching Cuisine TV the other day and Guy Martin was making 2 lovely butters.  He used ‘beurre de barratte’, which means ‘churned’, to make this chocolate spread and one with lemon.  I immediately made … Continue reading

Eggs á la Mexicaine via France

This is one of two egg recipes that we did at the 1 hour atelier organized by Stéphanie Ginoux of Cuisine Évènements and taught by Chef Saucier Philippe Houy from Restaurant Christian Etienne a 1* Michelin restaurant in Avignon.  Eggs can be presented in so many interesting ways, so I of course needed a new gadget after this lesson.  The ‘toque oeuf’ … Continue reading

First Recolt!

The garden is growing so I fast I think it’s on steroids.  Today I picked a head of lettuce, some arugula(roquette) and some radishes.  This year is certainly a learning period for me.  It’s the first time I have planted so many vegetables, most of which I know nothing about growing and harvesting.  For example, … Continue reading

Pearl Pasta Alfredo with Sweet Peas

I have been using this Giada de Laurentiis recipe for Alfredo sauce for over a year now.  It is light, creamy, full of lemony goodness and fail proof.  I can’t recommend it enough. My husband loves it when I use it with those teeny tiny pearl pasta bits.  This week at the producers market, I … Continue reading